Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A Carthusian : The Twisted One

A Carthusian

The Twisted One

Hitler:  he the god whose feet we lick,
The idol and we his willing zealots! How sick
And deadly the Age! Satan’s image rules
From the grave; the Twisted One speaks
Through his puppet who blew his brains out, burned
His corpse with fire. We worship whom we love:
We love this monster leading us to death
And judgement and willingly we go. Blind?
Foolish? Could life be so absurd? Could life
And all its hope be so deceptive, this good
The innocent rejoice in? We ridicule
And destroy our innocence; we hide from God
In shame; we clothe our nakedness in rags
Of thought, scribblings of the insane. Smug
In new found wisdom we implement this view;
A heartless world devoid of conscience, devoid
Of nobility, devoid of God and hope;
A world of sense indulgence and when that palls:
Annihilation, the bullet and the fire.
The Twisted One´s most subtle guise: to rule
Through a corpse and render man more cruel…


For Bo I. Cavefors


Illustration by William Zarate

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