Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Carthusian : Maidanek

A Carthusian


Turnips, beet, were growing through human skulls;
Cattle tramped the bones while feeding among
The long barrows of charred human remains.
Rows upon rows of barrows, millions burnt
For the crime of hinerited blood. “Devoid of faith
In God ruthless evils men inflict
To ensure their social ideals!” He stopped in select
A charred, slender bone as relic. This
He kept a remainder of all that horror, the depth
Of deprativity to which men sink through lack
Of religious feelings for God and the children of God.
How can one ponder the intolerable weight of guilt
For murdering a single human being designed.
Created, sustained by the loving will of God!
And here not one but millions slaughtered! The mind
Reels on the verge of insanity in dread
Of divine judgement. We feel to close to those
Who killed their conscience by genocide: we too
Could take the path of evil and where it leads
We know: down to Satanic depths of pride
Where heinous sins elate the deadest heart…


For : Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski


Illustration : A Carthusian

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