Monday, 27 January 2014

A Carthusian : If Salt´s

A Carthusian

If Salt´s

Ashamed of being salt the meat rots.
The meat is lost; the salt has lost its tang
And is to blame. despised by those who see.
All's not quiet on the Western Front, the fields
Are stacked with corpses. The Sons of light hide
In the shade of sons of night. They love not light
Loving evil deeds. They do the same
Abominable things: pagan. Christian, what's
The difference? Both have capitulated: the iron
Rule of lust must dominate. The will,
Man's sublime gift, has shrunk. The beast
And man are equal, ignoble, base. The salt
Shuffles, avoids confrontation, avoids
Stark conclusions. The hirelings, urbane in speech,
Push what's safe and uncontested, war
On aids but never war on pornography
Bifurcating in lust, bestial deeds
Beneath the dignity of pigs, not war
On contraception that leed to murder, the fruit
Of the womb slaughtered. The shepherds all to few
Rage at the massive death toll: children of light
But smouldering butt ends in the bleeding mud.
A whole generation's lost? Can salt
Be renewed? Can hirelings learn to love?
The darkness could not destroy the light; it shines
For all an intoxicating hope. If salt's
Ashamed the everlasting truth rots...

For Bo I. Cavefors, 2012.

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