Sunday, 29 May 2011

A Carthusian : Matrix of Solitude

A Carthusian

Matrix of Solitude

Solitude, the golden womb of song,
Matrix of powerlessness in Christ's heart.
Here is the living vomb of grace, the mould
Of Love's intimacy that forms the song
Of peace lifting hands open in trust.

Perfect my soul, Great Solitude, song
All embracing mendng the splintered heart.
Silence, symbol of God, within, without.
Unmeasured, intangible yet real, skein
Woven with grace: hands open in trust.

Sacred Solitude, the pilgrim's song
Over the dusty road, the hidden heart
Of Jesus in whom he walks. Silenced, the wind
Fanning "the first cast on earth", the light
Of love, joyful with hands open in trust.

For Bo and Marianne Cavefors

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