Thursday, 12 May 2011

A Carthusian : Light as Image


A Carthusian
Light as Image

For Bo I. Cavefors

The Spirit of man’s our life, our thinking power,
The body of the thing it vivifies. Both
Are needful to constitute the living man.
The feeling spirit unifies the thing;
The spirit feels potential thought, unites
Feeling and thought and posits rational men.
The spirit builds up thought, shapes the man
In inclinations and then the amazing thing
Happens: the spirit finds freedom of choice,
Freedom of act; free will is manifest
And person the splendid climax of man’s achieved.

Of spirit light’s the perfect image, the power
To render body lightsome, to control the thing
As living. As light enables seeing so light’s
An image of knowing: the body sees, the mind
Knows; the Spirit of God seizes both,
Directs both in moral rectitude
In freedom and love of the highest good: God.
God is the Spirit’s ground, the God of Light.
Light blazing through creation enflames
Man’ soul, renders incandescent the heart
For Eternal Love: the climax of man’s achieved.

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